Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Crush of the day

I absolutely love this cover! Rick lookin real presidential and Wiz lookin better anyways lol. I love bigger men and Rick is lookin real scrumptious on this cover. #SWAGG

Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Sewn Dress

How could I forget to post my dress I made in school. This was my final for my sewing class. First of all, I spent long nights making this dress with the help of my mother and it came out nice for a first timer. It might look easy to you but believe me it was so hard. I had to add lining on the inside so that itself made it 2 dresses in 1 really. Well anyways, this my first dress and I'm proud of myself and cant wait to see what Ill be making next semester.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Crush Of The Day

This necklace is BOMB.COM because you can wear it with an all black outfit or a more so "flashy" outfit. Its very versatile. Young and old people can wear it and look age appropriate. Im wearing it with a scarf I bought from Forever 21. The gold chain necklace itself is from with very affordable prices. This boutique has exclusive jewelry that you may not see in stores and beautiful, quality garments for full figured women. I advise all to make an appointment to see all the great items she has and tell her Aspen sent ya!

Taking The Fall For A Friend/Family

I hear a lot of people say they would or wish they could of taken the bullet for a passed relative or friend. I know this remark comes from anger and frustration. But really who wants to die?! And who would really trade their life for someones who has died?! To do that, well for most, that would be missing out on your blessings you receive in life....seeing your kids grow up, enjoying certain events, furthering a career or schooling, finding a mate and making new acquaintances and etc. Would you really trade all of this for someone even if you love them?

I know for me I would say no for the most part. I love my life and the only people I would give it up for is for my niece and my nephews because they haven't lived a full life. I haven't either but when it comes to them, my life doesn't matter. This life is only temporary anyways. When I look into my lil nephews eyes I imagine what they will grow to be and I truly look forward to seeing them grow older, even if it means my life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Crush Of The Day

So these are soooo flippin cute! I have to cop these soon before everybody else makes them. Their so cute Im not gonna tell anyone where to get them.I have to be the 1st to break these mugs in ya dig!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Crush Of The Day

I have no clue who made these joints or where to buy them but they are slammin! Very chic and you can wear these with the whackest/plainest piece of clothing and still look pretty smashing. These are my crush of the day hands down!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I ♥ Fashion

This is me and my lady....I dress her every Tuesday and last Tuesday I made my first outfit, not the teachers and it came out pretty well. I only had an hour to do it so I couldnt really challenge myself and create something extravagant. But Im still proud of what I made and I can see the progress that Im making. Soon my dreams will be reality!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Crush of the day

My Crush of the day is brought to you by meeeee! I love this black blazer I got from Torrid. My new love is thrift shopping.I picked this 4 finger ring up from cross roads in BTown and the Lady GaGa glasses was a steal from the Buffalo Exchange. Lets not forget the leather bow at the end of my ponytail. A lil something from H&M. Pretty tight yo! Well I luv it *shrugs*

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Crush of the day

What can I say. Im googoo for gaga....her style is crazy yet I love it! She's her own person and you cant fault her for it. I dont totally agree with all her wardrobe decisions but I respect em. She definitely blown Madonna out the water!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jersey Shore Gets 2 Much Play

TEE SHIRT TIIIIIIIME! Besides the point that I absolutely adore Pauly...I flippin hate the rest of em with a passion! They get all this $$$$ to be their ratchet selves. I mean, I cant knock the hustle! I wish a mofo would pay me to be me. But this jersey shore crap is gettin outta hand big time! They actually have costumes for the characters this Halloween season (which is fitting for Snooki's hair poof) I dont even wanna see what jay wow costume looks like sheesh. Next thing you know they'll be selling the fist pump game on Wii and slutty barbie dolls for them. Ughhh....someone please stop the madness!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Crush of the day

These are Shuella Boots from Target or Tarjay what most of you call them lol. They are so fly to me. They are used to put over your heels and when you dont need it anymore you can can put it back in a small compact bag. They come in a assortment of colors pink of course, green, yellow, black ect. They are sold out but will be back online soon. You dont have to wear the lil girl boots in the rain anymore. If you like to feel sexy in your heels, cop these. These are the ones for YOU!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Crush of the day

I love this look!It made me think of Lady GaGa....real edgy like. Its the Shimmer Rossette 1 Shoulder Dress from Sizes To Fit. A Fatshionista would look super dupper fly in this lil number!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Crush of the day

My girl Jas is very innovative when it comes to fashion. Very fashion forward and she stands out in a crowd no matter the occasion. I love this look and its a 1 of a kind. Very retro but relevant to todays trends. She is my fashion crush of the day

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Am I Going To Have Kids

Kids are a blessing indeed for most but maybe a malediction for know who Im talking about when I say malediction. Those parents who half watch their kids and always got them with a baby sitter most of their lives smh.Yeah they shouldnt of received that "blessing"

I although know they are blessings, I have decided to do w/out that particular blessing. Im not really a kid friendly person. I do however love most of my friends and family kids tho.I know you caught that word most lol.But its true. And Im very excited to receive 2 new nephews this year and Ill be acting like their mines in the public eye but like I said I dont want any for myself and it boggles my mind when people ask me when am I gonna have some and not even ask when am I gonna get married. I guess people dont get married first anymore geesh.

Growing up, I always said I wanted a boy and a girl but it was for superficial reasons. Now that Im older and wiser,I would say, I dont want to be like most people and have a child. And theres nothing wrong with that! So get over it people and stop asking me when Imma have a kid. Please and Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Crush of the day

Oh how I love theee....these are Jesenia Fringe Pumps made by Messeca and you can buy them from I think I may attempt to make some

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Crush of the day

Just a lil taste of what I like and wear.....My fire red boyfriend sweater from the used store as well as my home made thimble/thread necklace. My mini skirt from forever 21 and shoes from Old Navy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Man if Jersey Shore is a hit and Flavor Flav can get love, I def can make it in the reality show biz.I see and experience so many crazy events a day.My life is a comedy I swear.And the ppl I hang with are hilarious.We need to invest in a camcorder and record our lives everyday.Im sure ppl will watch and enjoy and it wouldnt hurt to make a lil extra change neither.So my reality show coming soon u beezies!Ahaa

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Crush of the day

My style crush of the day comes from my friend Brittany.She is always pushing the envelope wearing very stylish clothing with her own individuality added to it.I love this look.A cute outfit to wear on the town or even for a photo shoot

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Crush of the day

The Evil Twin Cheap Trick Slashed Dress from Nasty Gal...I absolutely love this store.They better start making clothing for the fatshionista's

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Crush of the day

Gabi is rocking Monif C "Naomi" dress with some fergie heels #LovesIt

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cartoons are so different from when I was growing up

So turning on my tv a cartoon called Fetch with Ruff Ruffman on KQED was on and the main character which is a dog says that he got fired for being a dog and he needs his job back so he can take his gf out on a date.WTF u might say!Why is that on a cartoon?Its harmless I know but why would that content be on a show for kids and on KQED at that?!

I grew up with KQED and all the kid shows were educational. So I sat there waiting for when the education would kick in and it did.It was whack though.They found out pineapples float and put it underneath the dog house so it can be a boat. So whack! But also the dogs mom was selling his items on ebay so he could take the trip on the boat. Oh let me not forget he has a reality show but he needs his other job back. WTH YO!

I guess cartoons change with the times. Maybe the cartoons deal with adult situations because kids grow up so fast nowadays. I dont really know but KQED is definitely off the chain nowadays for having such a cartoon. SMH

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Crush of the day

I have the HUGEST CRUSH thats been in my life since I can remember...His name? Fashion! Every week Ill hit you with a new flava and whats hot to me.This week is ASOS red skirt.This can be worn to a wedding,club,religious service or even out for dinner.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pursue Your Dreams & Make It A Reality

There are soooo many things I wanna pursue in my life and I truly believe that sky's is the limit and your life is truly what YOU make it. Forever Ive been dreaming of being a fashion buyer, a designer and a professional stylist to the stars. Why cant I be those things?!?! My family thinks Im wasting my time going to school to pursue that career. They think I should be a Nurse (so typical). But thing is I went to Nursing school and dropped out because it just didnt keep my interest and I didnt have the drive to finish school or even to do the work. I don't like the feeling of being a drop out but at the same time I dont care. Its not my passion.

Rappers, singers, producers, business mobiles dont start off big. They start with a dream of making it big and they put forth the effort to do what they wanna do and become who they wanna be. Why cant that be my story?! I believe if you have the drive and put forth genuine commitment to your craft, anything is possible.

I dont wanna be working just to support myself and get by the rest of my life. That would be just living my life in vain. Ill leave the 9 to 5 for people who don't have a drive to become who they want to be in life. Im not bashing them cause thats all Ive been doing all my days of working, just to get by. But the world is yours and everything in it and Im ready for my piece of the pie and I'm not going to let ANYONE discourage me from taking a bite.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I want to FORGIVE you and FORGET you

When reflecting on what I went thru last night, a famous quote from my girl Lauren Conrad came to mind...I want to forgive and forget you. Im sooo feeling the forget u part more so then the forgive cuz in my heart I forgave him and anyone else who has done me wrong.

Last night I came to realize that I cant make sacrifices when it comes to the matters of the heart. I have a close friend who knows what she wants (although at times she seems to be a bit shallow)and she doesnt compromise when it comes to dating.I mean... I know what I want but I find myself many of times letting dudes slide on things that I find to be a necessity. And thats where I go wrong!

In your heart YOU KNOW what you want in a man and shallow or not, stick with it cuz in the end, if it doesnt work out,you'll have a big regret of wasting ur time and energy on BS. You'll also feel like a loser if you dealing with a guy that doesnt compliment your swag. So imma get pass this feeling and stop ignoring that little loud voice in the back of my head called a conscience because I dont wanna have to second guess myself about this again. Peace

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Trust Factor

Face it! We've ALL lied before in our lives whether it was to avoid drama or told so called "white lie" that seemed to be harmless. But lies are in fact very harmful when you really think about it. I lied to my nephew when he was younger and told him he was white because hes very fair skinned and he was young and looked up to me and that's why I took advantage of the situation. A Very Bad Move because for some years he really thought he was white and I felt terrible about the seemingly harmless lie I played on him.

Nowadays, I pride myself in telling the truth although sometimes I come off as being rude and outta line, I really don't mean to be. I have to learn to articulate my words better so not to offend people I care about the most. So if you ask me something and I stole, its because I'm thinking of a way to say something in a appropriate way. I tell on myself a lot, ask my best friend Brittany. She knows I cant hold water (about myself) to save my life. What can I say I'm a open book ready to be read!

I also care what other people think about me to a certain extent. That also makes me tell the truth and I dont ever wanna offend others by lying to them. By being a former liar lol I can see right through liars. I tell ya, it certainly puts a strain on relationships when people tell lies. If you dont care for me to know your business, dont tell me, simple as that! Sure I might be a little offended but its your business not mine.

And we all know who the father of the lie is-Satan the Devil. You don't wanna be tied with him right!?!?!? Well STOP LYING ALREADY! Jehovah God hates liars! That's a big burden to bear and a horrible position to be in. Take note people and get it together!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Meaning of LOVE

LOVE is defined as the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. But I feel LOVE can be ones own interpretation of it. To me LOVE is ACTIONS. Making sacrifices great and small, showing loyalty no matter what the cost, always willing to give whether its of ones self or materially, being encouraging and supportive even if you and your friend or partner doesn't share the same goals, always being honest and open with each other and lastly being forgiving.

On another note however, LOVE can bring a lot of pain and regret to ones life.Leaving you emotionally sick and feeling abandoned when the one that once said they LOVE you doesn't show the qualities that I displayed up above. Or they, in your opinion, just never loved you. But even when I reflect back and think that maybe my ex didn't LOVE me, I might be wrong. Just because I LOVE a certain way and want it to be reciprocated back that same way,doesn't mean it will happen that way. A very sad reality but hey what can you do *shrugs*

There was little doubt that my first LOVE loved me back in a gf/bf kind of way.I knew he loved me as a friend of course but I wasn't sure if he thought the LOVE was deeper then that. But then he took his shirt off. Yes I said took his shirt off. Guys look for excuses to take they shirt off but not my 1st LOVE. He was very insecure with his body. Very minor thing to do you might say but it was very major in my situation because he never took his shirt off in front of ANYONE. No matter how I expressed to him how sexy I knew his body to be, he never would let me see that region of his body. But 1 day there was a strain on our relationship and off comes the shirt in the heat of all the issues pressing us at that moment. And I began to cry because this was a momentous part of our relationship. He shared a part of him that he NEVER shared with anyone else. This action meant he trusted me and that he LOVED me.
LOVE can be so many things but at the end of the day, LOVE conquers all and never fails.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Directed to SOME of you that wear Lace fronts

First and foremost I need you all to know I have nothing against lance fronts.Its a great invention if you ask me but I am offended by some of you that obviously don't know what to do with them.Some (really more then some)of you are wearing them in a crazy fashion.You definitely can tell who have had long hair and who haven't.I think some ladies think you can do sooooo many styles with long hair but in actuality-there's not that many styles you can wear ur hair in. And ladies with these wigs come to find that out when they wear these wigs cuz they be lookin like a hot mess!Loose ponytails on the SIDE of their heads,extra baby hair on they face to make em seem like they exotic or mixed (im guessing)and loads of products in they head shining.
Me personally, Ive had long hair all my life and you can curl it,wear it straight,wear a ponytail or crimp it.Nothing more nothing less.You can style shorter hair with more styles and shorter hair seems to be the in thing for the last couple of years.So as I said before,theres nothing wrong with lace fronts but you may wanna save yourself the embarrassment and every bodies speed dial to call the fashion police and wear ur own hair and get it styled in a hot summer look.

Black Folks Need To Change The Way They Think

So there's a couple of things that offends me about black folks.Im sure other races would offend me with ignorance too but I dont really hang out with other races so Imma just talk about my people.

I love to slap the person who made up the term good hair.Everybody says it and its so flippin ignorant but I cant correct people when they say it cause its too many people to correct.I hate hearing it.Its another put down for being black.People think good hair is straight or curly hair that is really closer to white people textured hair.It makes me feel like the closer to white we are the better we look and thats not the message we should be sending out.Whats wrong with coarse hair.Yes its hard to comb out but the look of it is beautiful to me.I wish I could rock it but my face and head shape wont allow for such a style.But alot of sistas of color look great with natural hair instead of pressed hair.

Now to get on the men.Every time I hear a man say "Man she BAD" they are referring to a more lighter complexion women with long hair.She's usually (in my eyes anyway) a plan jane looking girl with no excitement about her whatsoever.No Im not gay but I think women are very beautiful creatures in all shapes,sizes and color.But a lot of men want almost white women.YES Im light skinned but I still know ignorance when I see it.Music videos remind me of it quit often.Black people when are we gonna love and accept black folks for what they are no matter what the complexion?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Save yourself the embarrassment

People who lie usually have to follow that initial lie with several other lies to build up this big fake story.Why put yourself through this when the other person is looking at you thinking damn you hecka lying to me and Im feeling embarrassed for you because I know your not telling the truth. But at the same time I feel foolish for acting like I believe you because it makes me feel stupid when I know better.It also makes me think that you dont think much about me.Do you really think Im that gullible!? And down the line they forget their lies and you have to question them about it.Silly Rabbit!

Some people are just sad because they whole life is a lie and they begin to believe in the lies they tell.Either way it goes,Im not biting my tongue anymore and I have to be ready to see who values my friendship and or relationship because after I call you out, relationships will be tested.Thats funny how things work out!The liar will be made because Im calling them out but I should be the one mad since Im being lied to but whatever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Beautiful Ones

You can't deny some of the amazing people in your life.Sometimes you even envy them for being so amazing.I want to dedicate this blog to the few people who I adore and who are truly Beautiful inside and out.

These people I call Beautiful have this special ora. They always have the right things to say at the right time. Although their young they have this wisdom thats way beyond their years. Very responsible and head strong. Although we all go thru hardships one way or another, these Beautiful people work thru the pain like its nothing. They keep me strong and they are my support system. One of them I dont really spend a lot of time with for one reason or another but its ok. Because when we do have a our rare occasion with each other its never forgotten. He always leaves me thinking and inspired so its appreciated.

So everyone, take time to tell these Beautiful people in your life that they are truly Beautiful and they made a great impact on your life. Im sure they would appreciate you for it and yeah its a ego booster but who cares these people deserve it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Conversation Between Friends

So you know how you start talking with a friend about random things and somehow it usually ends up gettin DEEP. Well I'll admit I'm a bit of a goofball but I can get serious every once in a while. Why not. So I'm having a conversation with a friend about the movie 2012 and we're discussing how the man sacrificed his life to save humanity. He says....

friend: I'm Selfish just like GOD. Imma sacrifice something or someone else before I volunteer my life for ANY CAUSE.

Me: Huh?!?!?

Friend: You know GOD?! He was selfish and gave up his son for us as a ransom. He didn't have to do that!He's GOD. He could of died for us and raised himself up! But nooooo...he wanted to have his son do all the dirty work even after Jesus asked him could he serve him some other way. You don't recall that huh? You gotta read yo bible. Jesus actually ASKED his father can I do somethin else instead of dieing this way.

Me: First of all, no you didn't compare yourself to GOD and secondly you know I read the bible fool.

Friend: Ok so you should know what I'm talkin about

Me: You need to think of it this way. You have a son right?

Friend: Yeah

Me: And what if he was dieing of Cancer. Wouldn't you feel hurt about the situation?

Friend: Of course

Me:Well that's how GOD felt about his son. He was hurt by what Jesus had to go through even though he didn't have to go through with it himself. You think he was in heaven looking down at his son saying "oh well,he'll be fine. He's gonna be raised up soon anyway." He had to watch his son get spit in the face and ridiculed. I don't think you could of been that strong to watch that happen to your son without doing something about it. Just like if your son has Cancer. You have to watch him slowly die and there's not much you can do about it.

Friend: Well I would of intervened and if it had to be done I would of did it instead of watching my son die.

Me: It's not that simple. GOD was never a man. A man HAD to do it and that man HAD to be Jesus because he was the only perfect human. Like I said if your son has Cancer you cant tell the Doctor "Take all the Cancer out of my son and give it to me so my son can live" it doesn't happen like that right?

Friend: Ok I see what you sayin

Me: Jesus HAD to do it. GOD is not selfish and you my friend should never compare yourself to GOD lol

People don't forget our savior Jesus and Please remember to thank GOD for his LOVE everyday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Did you see this years Allstar game starting February 12,2010 in Arlington TX?If so I'm sure you seen the biggest screen in the world 160 by 72 ft to be exact costing 40 million dollars.WTH! I know we all love football and basketball.But really!Did we really need that screen.It's only a luxury people.By the way, the stadium was completed in May of 2009 during our depression that I'm sure affected us all in some way shape or form.Way before the depression, there was a hurricane that I'm sure many of us has not forgotten but has been pushed aside called
!Til this day there are people living in the worse living conditions wishing they can return to their homes and neighborhoods that are still wrecked from the hurricane.But in Arlington TX there is this big screen that's too big for life itself that people can only use not to benefit from but to view because they cant afford to sit in better seats.I bet the victims of hurricane Katrina can only dream of making it to a game for pure enjoyment.It's sad.It really is.America we need to get our priorities straight seriously. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with going to a game and enjoying life.But first things first.Lets take care of our own before we start blowing money on none essential material things especially since we're suppose to be in the worse recession since the great depression.