Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Folks Need To Change The Way They Think

So there's a couple of things that offends me about black folks.Im sure other races would offend me with ignorance too but I dont really hang out with other races so Imma just talk about my people.

I love to slap the person who made up the term good hair.Everybody says it and its so flippin ignorant but I cant correct people when they say it cause its too many people to correct.I hate hearing it.Its another put down for being black.People think good hair is straight or curly hair that is really closer to white people textured hair.It makes me feel like the closer to white we are the better we look and thats not the message we should be sending out.Whats wrong with coarse hair.Yes its hard to comb out but the look of it is beautiful to me.I wish I could rock it but my face and head shape wont allow for such a style.But alot of sistas of color look great with natural hair instead of pressed hair.

Now to get on the men.Every time I hear a man say "Man she BAD" they are referring to a more lighter complexion women with long hair.She's usually (in my eyes anyway) a plan jane looking girl with no excitement about her whatsoever.No Im not gay but I think women are very beautiful creatures in all shapes,sizes and color.But a lot of men want almost white women.YES Im light skinned but I still know ignorance when I see it.Music videos remind me of it quit often.Black people when are we gonna love and accept black folks for what they are no matter what the complexion?

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  1. Hey I totally agree. Men usually fall for women with light skinned and longer looking hair. Not a woman with personality or pizaz. No fun about her at all. I mean look even deeper, they even go for white women to get the lightest skin and the longest hair. Sometimes they have no look about them at all. Black folks come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We need to embrace it, enjoy it and love it. Most other races try and imitate us anyway. Plumping their lips, trying to fill out their jeans but adding hips or rumps, breast implants, deep dark tans etc. They use hair products that cater to us and even more. We, black people have the it factor. Why can't we, the black people see it???