Monday, April 25, 2011

Can You Say "Killing Em"

omg i wish i could bet niggas heads in with these studded booties but i cant afford $3,000 shoes. They beating niggas heads in foreal and im sure you can really kill someone with these joints! The town aint even worthy of me breaking my pockets for these so ill just carry on with my night...


Shes pretty dope...looking fw to see how far she'll go and will she loose her pleasantly plump curves for the Hollywood life. I hope not. Shes such a doll and her music is so soulful. I love it! Rockin my Adele station now on my Pandora

My New Loves♥

I love my new nephews Noah aka NoNo and Carson who as of not yet to receive a nickname lol. They are my world...I cant wait to see if they will be bff or enemies. Whatever happens, their cousins and stuck together FOREVER♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birds of A Feather Earrings

Its great to see the things that run through my mind come to life. Ive been dying to wear some fly feather earrings but I haven't found any in my price range so one day some time ago I bought a bunch of vibrant colored feathers and on one bored night I made a bunch of earring designs. It feels great to sale something you believe in and adore. Its no better feeling to create something and other people think its great. I sale my designs from $5 to $15 dollars usually. Very reasonable. I have a certified paypal account under so holla at me if you want a pair or would like me to design you an original pair. I also have many designs on my facebook page under aspen's closet!

Theophilus London Is My New Crush

So hes not really cute I know BUT..his swag yall! I love his swaggggg! Hes like a breath of fresh air because he pushes the envelope and hes different. And please believe I can go for some different right about now. All these lames dress the same when this is the era of change. Just about anything can be rocked right now. The 40s, 50s, 70s and 90s is back and people still look stuck on stupid. But I guess thats why London stands out. Not everybody can be a fashion icon I guess which is fine. Oh yeah...hes music GO! I think if he links up with kanye they could make MAGIC *_*