Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Crush of the day

I absolutely love this cover! Rick lookin real presidential and Wiz lookin better anyways lol. I love bigger men and Rick is lookin real scrumptious on this cover. #SWAGG

Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Sewn Dress

How could I forget to post my dress I made in school. This was my final for my sewing class. First of all, I spent long nights making this dress with the help of my mother and it came out nice for a first timer. It might look easy to you but believe me it was so hard. I had to add lining on the inside so that itself made it 2 dresses in 1 really. Well anyways, this my first dress and I'm proud of myself and cant wait to see what Ill be making next semester.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Crush Of The Day

This necklace is BOMB.COM because you can wear it with an all black outfit or a more so "flashy" outfit. Its very versatile. Young and old people can wear it and look age appropriate. Im wearing it with a scarf I bought from Forever 21. The gold chain necklace itself is from with very affordable prices. This boutique has exclusive jewelry that you may not see in stores and beautiful, quality garments for full figured women. I advise all to make an appointment to see all the great items she has and tell her Aspen sent ya!

Taking The Fall For A Friend/Family

I hear a lot of people say they would or wish they could of taken the bullet for a passed relative or friend. I know this remark comes from anger and frustration. But really who wants to die?! And who would really trade their life for someones who has died?! To do that, well for most, that would be missing out on your blessings you receive in life....seeing your kids grow up, enjoying certain events, furthering a career or schooling, finding a mate and making new acquaintances and etc. Would you really trade all of this for someone even if you love them?

I know for me I would say no for the most part. I love my life and the only people I would give it up for is for my niece and my nephews because they haven't lived a full life. I haven't either but when it comes to them, my life doesn't matter. This life is only temporary anyways. When I look into my lil nephews eyes I imagine what they will grow to be and I truly look forward to seeing them grow older, even if it means my life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Crush Of The Day

So these are soooo flippin cute! I have to cop these soon before everybody else makes them. Their so cute Im not gonna tell anyone where to get them.I have to be the 1st to break these mugs in ya dig!