Monday, July 25, 2011

Nappy Or Not...Wear A Head Wrap

Rihanna looking like a fierce lil kitty kat...This is a different kind of wrap which I love

Solange so NEEDS a wrap...said with Much offense lol

This wrap will come in handy when I dont wanna do my hair....I love her shades as well

I think I'll wear this wrap when I get my s curl weave

My Look Of The Day

Im wearing a pink shirt that I bought from Forever21's plus line of course.I also have some wide leg Apple Bottom pants that Ive had for some years now.I love that they look like they've been tied dyed.Real 70's ish style pants. My shoes are from

I love my Jade ring that bought from Fover.It goes with any and everything.Im also wearing a necklace I bought from Burlington.It matches the Coach bag well dont cha think?

I love wearing my favorite pair of bangles. I bought my sun hat from Ross and I wrapped a colorful scarf that I bought from Wet Seal around it to add more flare.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

N A I L S~My New Crush Of The Day

Im such a do it yourself kind of girl nowadays and so I bought the minx stickers and it didnt come with instructions so I messed them up big time but from a far people liked them whatever

The hello kitty nails are soooo cute!A bit much but hey im a bit much

Although i dont like this length of nails for myself, I do like them on other people.

My niece always has a colorful nail design that goes so well with her skin tone.I dont care what anybody says or thinks,darkskin women have the advantage.They can wear any color and look Amazing =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Look Of The Day

The perfect day in the bay!

The shoes are Zigi Soho's....My new favorite brand of shoes made with comfort and they have bigger sizes for us big feet ladies

I dont rock this blouse that much but i think its very danty and prissy with its pink flare and lace. Bought from of course

Although this picture is dull you still can see my four finger ring shining bright. Its my favorite accessory I found at the Buffalo exchange in Berkeley

I love my high wasted floral shorts that I got from

Also rocking my new asian persuasion earrings from my ~Birds of Feather~ line of earrings

Wearing my red silk jacket from thrift has black beads sewn into the fabric