Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Meaning of LOVE

LOVE is defined as the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. But I feel LOVE can be ones own interpretation of it. To me LOVE is ACTIONS. Making sacrifices great and small, showing loyalty no matter what the cost, always willing to give whether its of ones self or materially, being encouraging and supportive even if you and your friend or partner doesn't share the same goals, always being honest and open with each other and lastly being forgiving.

On another note however, LOVE can bring a lot of pain and regret to ones life.Leaving you emotionally sick and feeling abandoned when the one that once said they LOVE you doesn't show the qualities that I displayed up above. Or they, in your opinion, just never loved you. But even when I reflect back and think that maybe my ex didn't LOVE me, I might be wrong. Just because I LOVE a certain way and want it to be reciprocated back that same way,doesn't mean it will happen that way. A very sad reality but hey what can you do *shrugs*

There was little doubt that my first LOVE loved me back in a gf/bf kind of way.I knew he loved me as a friend of course but I wasn't sure if he thought the LOVE was deeper then that. But then he took his shirt off. Yes I said took his shirt off. Guys look for excuses to take they shirt off but not my 1st LOVE. He was very insecure with his body. Very minor thing to do you might say but it was very major in my situation because he never took his shirt off in front of ANYONE. No matter how I expressed to him how sexy I knew his body to be, he never would let me see that region of his body. But 1 day there was a strain on our relationship and off comes the shirt in the heat of all the issues pressing us at that moment. And I began to cry because this was a momentous part of our relationship. He shared a part of him that he NEVER shared with anyone else. This action meant he trusted me and that he LOVED me.
LOVE can be so many things but at the end of the day, LOVE conquers all and never fails.

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  1. Love is verb! Congrads on the post girl! Follow me and ill follow you!