Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Trust Factor

Face it! We've ALL lied before in our lives whether it was to avoid drama or told so called "white lie" that seemed to be harmless. But lies are in fact very harmful when you really think about it. I lied to my nephew when he was younger and told him he was white because hes very fair skinned and he was young and looked up to me and that's why I took advantage of the situation. A Very Bad Move because for some years he really thought he was white and I felt terrible about the seemingly harmless lie I played on him.

Nowadays, I pride myself in telling the truth although sometimes I come off as being rude and outta line, I really don't mean to be. I have to learn to articulate my words better so not to offend people I care about the most. So if you ask me something and I stole, its because I'm thinking of a way to say something in a appropriate way. I tell on myself a lot, ask my best friend Brittany. She knows I cant hold water (about myself) to save my life. What can I say I'm a open book ready to be read!

I also care what other people think about me to a certain extent. That also makes me tell the truth and I dont ever wanna offend others by lying to them. By being a former liar lol I can see right through liars. I tell ya, it certainly puts a strain on relationships when people tell lies. If you dont care for me to know your business, dont tell me, simple as that! Sure I might be a little offended but its your business not mine.

And we all know who the father of the lie is-Satan the Devil. You don't wanna be tied with him right!?!?!? Well STOP LYING ALREADY! Jehovah God hates liars! That's a big burden to bear and a horrible position to be in. Take note people and get it together!

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