Friday, September 3, 2010

I want to FORGIVE you and FORGET you

When reflecting on what I went thru last night, a famous quote from my girl Lauren Conrad came to mind...I want to forgive and forget you. Im sooo feeling the forget u part more so then the forgive cuz in my heart I forgave him and anyone else who has done me wrong.

Last night I came to realize that I cant make sacrifices when it comes to the matters of the heart. I have a close friend who knows what she wants (although at times she seems to be a bit shallow)and she doesnt compromise when it comes to dating.I mean... I know what I want but I find myself many of times letting dudes slide on things that I find to be a necessity. And thats where I go wrong!

In your heart YOU KNOW what you want in a man and shallow or not, stick with it cuz in the end, if it doesnt work out,you'll have a big regret of wasting ur time and energy on BS. You'll also feel like a loser if you dealing with a guy that doesnt compliment your swag. So imma get pass this feeling and stop ignoring that little loud voice in the back of my head called a conscience because I dont wanna have to second guess myself about this again. Peace

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