Friday, September 10, 2010

Cartoons are so different from when I was growing up

So turning on my tv a cartoon called Fetch with Ruff Ruffman on KQED was on and the main character which is a dog says that he got fired for being a dog and he needs his job back so he can take his gf out on a date.WTF u might say!Why is that on a cartoon?Its harmless I know but why would that content be on a show for kids and on KQED at that?!

I grew up with KQED and all the kid shows were educational. So I sat there waiting for when the education would kick in and it did.It was whack though.They found out pineapples float and put it underneath the dog house so it can be a boat. So whack! But also the dogs mom was selling his items on ebay so he could take the trip on the boat. Oh let me not forget he has a reality show but he needs his other job back. WTH YO!

I guess cartoons change with the times. Maybe the cartoons deal with adult situations because kids grow up so fast nowadays. I dont really know but KQED is definitely off the chain nowadays for having such a cartoon. SMH

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