Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Directed to SOME of you that wear Lace fronts

First and foremost I need you all to know I have nothing against lance fronts.Its a great invention if you ask me but I am offended by some of you that obviously don't know what to do with them.Some (really more then some)of you are wearing them in a crazy fashion.You definitely can tell who have had long hair and who haven't.I think some ladies think you can do sooooo many styles with long hair but in actuality-there's not that many styles you can wear ur hair in. And ladies with these wigs come to find that out when they wear these wigs cuz they be lookin like a hot mess!Loose ponytails on the SIDE of their heads,extra baby hair on they face to make em seem like they exotic or mixed (im guessing)and loads of products in they head shining.
Me personally, Ive had long hair all my life and you can curl it,wear it straight,wear a ponytail or crimp it.Nothing more nothing less.You can style shorter hair with more styles and shorter hair seems to be the in thing for the last couple of years.So as I said before,theres nothing wrong with lace fronts but you may wanna save yourself the embarrassment and every bodies speed dial to call the fashion police and wear ur own hair and get it styled in a hot summer look.

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