Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Save yourself the embarrassment

People who lie usually have to follow that initial lie with several other lies to build up this big fake story.Why put yourself through this when the other person is looking at you thinking damn you hecka lying to me and Im feeling embarrassed for you because I know your not telling the truth. But at the same time I feel foolish for acting like I believe you because it makes me feel stupid when I know better.It also makes me think that you dont think much about me.Do you really think Im that gullible!? And down the line they forget their lies and you have to question them about it.Silly Rabbit!

Some people are just sad because they whole life is a lie and they begin to believe in the lies they tell.Either way it goes,Im not biting my tongue anymore and I have to be ready to see who values my friendship and or relationship because after I call you out, relationships will be tested.Thats funny how things work out!The liar will be made because Im calling them out but I should be the one mad since Im being lied to but whatever.

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