Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Beautiful Ones

You can't deny some of the amazing people in your life.Sometimes you even envy them for being so amazing.I want to dedicate this blog to the few people who I adore and who are truly Beautiful inside and out.

These people I call Beautiful have this special ora. They always have the right things to say at the right time. Although their young they have this wisdom thats way beyond their years. Very responsible and head strong. Although we all go thru hardships one way or another, these Beautiful people work thru the pain like its nothing. They keep me strong and they are my support system. One of them I dont really spend a lot of time with for one reason or another but its ok. Because when we do have a our rare occasion with each other its never forgotten. He always leaves me thinking and inspired so its appreciated.

So everyone, take time to tell these Beautiful people in your life that they are truly Beautiful and they made a great impact on your life. Im sure they would appreciate you for it and yeah its a ego booster but who cares these people deserve it.

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