Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Conversation Between Friends

So you know how you start talking with a friend about random things and somehow it usually ends up gettin DEEP. Well I'll admit I'm a bit of a goofball but I can get serious every once in a while. Why not. So I'm having a conversation with a friend about the movie 2012 and we're discussing how the man sacrificed his life to save humanity. He says....

friend: I'm Selfish just like GOD. Imma sacrifice something or someone else before I volunteer my life for ANY CAUSE.

Me: Huh?!?!?

Friend: You know GOD?! He was selfish and gave up his son for us as a ransom. He didn't have to do that!He's GOD. He could of died for us and raised himself up! But nooooo...he wanted to have his son do all the dirty work even after Jesus asked him could he serve him some other way. You don't recall that huh? You gotta read yo bible. Jesus actually ASKED his father can I do somethin else instead of dieing this way.

Me: First of all, no you didn't compare yourself to GOD and secondly you know I read the bible fool.

Friend: Ok so you should know what I'm talkin about

Me: You need to think of it this way. You have a son right?

Friend: Yeah

Me: And what if he was dieing of Cancer. Wouldn't you feel hurt about the situation?

Friend: Of course

Me:Well that's how GOD felt about his son. He was hurt by what Jesus had to go through even though he didn't have to go through with it himself. You think he was in heaven looking down at his son saying "oh well,he'll be fine. He's gonna be raised up soon anyway." He had to watch his son get spit in the face and ridiculed. I don't think you could of been that strong to watch that happen to your son without doing something about it. Just like if your son has Cancer. You have to watch him slowly die and there's not much you can do about it.

Friend: Well I would of intervened and if it had to be done I would of did it instead of watching my son die.

Me: It's not that simple. GOD was never a man. A man HAD to do it and that man HAD to be Jesus because he was the only perfect human. Like I said if your son has Cancer you cant tell the Doctor "Take all the Cancer out of my son and give it to me so my son can live" it doesn't happen like that right?

Friend: Ok I see what you sayin

Me: Jesus HAD to do it. GOD is not selfish and you my friend should never compare yourself to GOD lol

People don't forget our savior Jesus and Please remember to thank GOD for his LOVE everyday!

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