Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Did you see this years Allstar game starting February 12,2010 in Arlington TX?If so I'm sure you seen the biggest screen in the world 160 by 72 ft to be exact costing 40 million dollars.WTH! I know we all love football and basketball.But really!Did we really need that screen.It's only a luxury people.By the way, the stadium was completed in May of 2009 during our depression that I'm sure affected us all in some way shape or form.Way before the depression, there was a hurricane that I'm sure many of us has not forgotten but has been pushed aside called
!Til this day there are people living in the worse living conditions wishing they can return to their homes and neighborhoods that are still wrecked from the hurricane.But in Arlington TX there is this big screen that's too big for life itself that people can only use not to benefit from but to view because they cant afford to sit in better seats.I bet the victims of hurricane Katrina can only dream of making it to a game for pure enjoyment.It's sad.It really is.America we need to get our priorities straight seriously. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with going to a game and enjoying life.But first things first.Lets take care of our own before we start blowing money on none essential material things especially since we're suppose to be in the worse recession since the great depression.

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