Thursday, October 21, 2010

Am I Going To Have Kids

Kids are a blessing indeed for most but maybe a malediction for know who Im talking about when I say malediction. Those parents who half watch their kids and always got them with a baby sitter most of their lives smh.Yeah they shouldnt of received that "blessing"

I although know they are blessings, I have decided to do w/out that particular blessing. Im not really a kid friendly person. I do however love most of my friends and family kids tho.I know you caught that word most lol.But its true. And Im very excited to receive 2 new nephews this year and Ill be acting like their mines in the public eye but like I said I dont want any for myself and it boggles my mind when people ask me when am I gonna have some and not even ask when am I gonna get married. I guess people dont get married first anymore geesh.

Growing up, I always said I wanted a boy and a girl but it was for superficial reasons. Now that Im older and wiser,I would say, I dont want to be like most people and have a child. And theres nothing wrong with that! So get over it people and stop asking me when Imma have a kid. Please and Thank you in advance.

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