Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Teairra Mari wins for most tacky outfit of the night.Shes showing off how small her vagina is and that fashion statement should only be made in the bedroom/strip club thank u very much!

Tocarra didnt rep the fuller women with style at the awards.Just cheap I tell you!

Tracee Ellis has a beautiful body and because of this I think she thinks its ok to wear what she wants.This outfit is too young for her and even though her body is bangin, imma have to say this is a no go for me.Sorry Tracee *shrugs*

Alicia Keys hair was styled a week ago CLEARLY!And her outfit is no big deal.She's one of those women that let herself go after a baby even with a stylist obviously smh

Keri Keri Keri....wth.Keri is my favorite dresser but she came a little too plan jane this time around.Wth happened yo?!?!? Oh well, at least her hair was cute.

Now we have Drizzy Drake reppin for non stylish men of the evening.I mean Drake just dgaf. He wears whatever his canadian mind tells him to and it never works out! Did you peep he and Tyga wore the same ugly shirt.Who do you think wore it best? Really the question should be Who wore it worse cuz they both stink.

Lastly we have Miguel's Poor lost soul. Just dreadful.

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