Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The girl i cant stand but she impressed me BIG TIME~ Rocsi.Ill also show the second runner ups....

Carmelo and LaLa are dressed like the new top celeb couple!How adorable

Next we have Keke Palmer looking all grown up and like a cute lil tin man lol

My girl Eve showing off her curves with skin tight leather/pleather on

Diamond is picked for best dressed because she can wear anything and get away with it. We're so use to seeing her all thugged out but as you see here she can pull off the classy look as well.Good Job Diamond.

And we cant leave the men out. Boris Kodjoe arrived looking classic in his all black attire.

And you know i couldnt leave my baby Ricky Rosay out!He does it well.A man with many fly jackets.

Finally we have Bobby V looking real Miami like.And I love that hes cool enough to wear a charm on his bracelet.

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