Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Bohemian Look

So I havent been blogging like I should cause I pride myself on having too much of a life to have free time to blog but now im outta school for the whole summer and jobless I have plenty of time to blog. First I need to post what I wear cause I rarely do that smh. I get jealous viewing all my followers and ppl I follow all dolled up and here I am a stylist not posting what I can do....well that will change soon. This outfit I have on is my home made cheetah skirt thats sheer and a miniskirt underneath, a half top with studs across the shoulder and my ol school steve madden platforms. I also made 2 head bands to match and attached one of my clip on no secrets here my friends =)...Oh btw pictured with me is my bbf Brittany and my high school potna Nikki and my child hood buddy Lauren...I love my girls♥

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