Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Is Maya Songbird?!?!?

Aspen~ Who is Maya Songbird

Maya~ Im an artist, Mom, perceptionist, non Shucking n jiver, and a Unicorn on weekends.I am a singer/songwriter. I am awesome. I am here to emancipate the world through music. There's two answers because i know your a Gemini.

Aspen~ Thank you...and please believe there is definitely two sides to me. But enough about me. Whats your best role?

Maya~ Well I have been told Singing and nothing But i feel I can drive pretty well. I have a cool fashion sense and that I am comfortable in my skin..

Aspen~ How long have you been singing?

Maya~ Since 4...I was in my first musical at church. I played Miriam and had a little tambourine. From what I am told. Then I sang in Elementary school and sang in the church. Sang at little venues in San Francisco. I have always been singing...Im singing now!!! I am literally recording a right now!

Aspen~ What is inspiring you to sing right now?

Maya~ The fact that I never want to sit in a box again. If I cant have the right to be who I am and enjoy my life!!! That and my son who needs socks!

Aspen~ I remember when I first met you at your place in Oakland. We was singing karaoke. We all thought you were an amazing singer but you seemed to be shy about it. What changed?

Maya~ I wasn't really shy about it. I just hadn't found my place in music. I was getting bored. I felt uninspired. I felt that I lived in a world that told me because of how I looked it would never happen. And then I took a chance and said fuck it all. Took a risk and was for once NOT afraid to fall...That and i went crazy and colored my hair two toned, Knowing I would never get a and then I found my direction. I am now comfortable at what I do. I am no longer bored I am intrigued. Life is sweet. Im going to sing until I cant anymore...

Aspen~ Ok so let me ask you the general interview question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maya~ In five years-hopefully with some money. Nobody likes a broke singer with two toned hair lol. By then I would have had two successful albums.

Aspen~ How would you describe your fashion sense?

Maya~ Well today for the first time I tried a new technique. I have a hanger on the back of my door, so I totally pieced my hot outfit I wore tonight by laying it out horizontally? or vertical. But I would say my fashion sense is based on me being narcissistic. I know my body. I know my shape. I know what fits and what makes me look like a whale. I am vintage lover. I have an addiction. Just because it says small does not mean a big girl cant rock it. You can take it and make it work for you!

Aspen~ If you had your own clothing line what would it be called and why?

Maya~ Well I have a store right now online that is called P.O.P. (power of plus) Vintage.Im open to a clothing line...that would be so crazy yo..I definitely want to change plus size fashion. Shake it up.(saying in 3rd person) Yeah you big girl! You look great in that Euro Stretch Mini!!!! and that see through top!!!

Aspen~ Do you have a favorite fashion Icon you look for for inspiration?

Maya~ I really dont. I just see it and conquer it although I do love the mary jane girls look. I love the punk rock scene. But i also love the 40s look as well as some 60s dresses.

Aspen~ Well lets talk more about the music. Who did you grow up listening to and do you have an all time favorite song or artist?

Maya~ I love everything but the girl. I fail in love with them in the 90s. Yes aspen I am old lol. Man, their music is amazing and for some periods in my life i felt their songs were written just for me. Ooh I also love Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, The Gossip, Siouxsie and the banshees, Mary jane girls, and phyllis hyman. Gosh I wish I can name more but the list would go on forever and ever!

Aspen~ How would you describe your music?

Maya~ Its passionate. I have a heart on my shoulder. Its a birthmark and its upside down. Its a creative outburst. I have been writing lyrics for days Son! Years! Its revolutionary music...Its love from me to you and the world. And its house dance.

Aspen~ What kind of audience do you attract?

Maya~ Pretty much anyone who hears my voice is a fan. I attract anyone who is into wanting to dance their cares away. Put me in...I am your girl....and DANCE!

Aspen~ Do you have a favorite dance?

Maya~ Everybody knows Maya Songbird likes to pop her coochie lol! Yeah buddy!!! I pop my coochie hey..and do a little two step.

Aspen~lmao oh boy!*in my jazzie pha voice*

Maya~ I think every big girl should be able to get on the dance floor and turn it out!! Rhythm is not needed. Pop it ladies! Show the world your confidence.

Aspen~ Okay last but certainly not least. What message do you want to spread across the land? What should everybody and they momma know about Maya Songbird?

Maya~ The main message is that I am having a fundraiser on to raise money to fund my Album "Castro Kid" and I totally have 10 days to reach my goal. I currently have 32 backers and we have raised $1840... the goal is $5000..Please check out my project people and that I am changing the music game tremendously. Be apart of the movement. You know Maya Songbird! You have heard of me :):)
Everybody and their momma should know that they know Maya Songbird and they have heard of me. Here is my kickstarter link

Aspen~ Thank u hunz....your AMAZING but Im sure you already know...just gotta remind you if u forgot!

Maya~ Thank You!!!

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