Monday, January 3, 2011

Basketball Wives Are a bunch of Losers

Where to begin.First of all aint none of em wives except Jennifer which should have been divorced a year in a half ago claims her husband. I mean duh trick! He don't wanna be with you and if u had something going on in your life u would let the man be but u trynna hold on to the money.She couldnt even say the word divorce but had the nerve to complain about the relationship. Stop complaining and do somethin about it! She should be so ashamed of herself.

Then theres Royce.Lord if somebody dont hurry up and get her butt a stylist idk what imma do!She dress like a kid from the late 90's.And she brought her lil whorebag friends to the lunch date Suzie invited her to.Shes not a real friend so why is Suzie latching on to her? LOSER...thats why and the dude must of been using her for publicity cuz her bawd spot having self is ugly with that big ol lispe.

And on to Shaunne.She needs to get a life.How u gonna talk about Gloria when ur a has been wife.Get a husband or keep a husband and then maybe u can judge other ppl.Like, what gives you the right! And who goes out they way to confront someone they dont like. So what u dont like her!Move on and grow up. I hope Ashley eventually whoop em all really. She seems like the type lol.

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